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Author’s Bookshelf 2013

If you enjoy reading and are not on Goodreads yet, you are missing out on a wonderful place to connect with your fellow bibliophiles. I love the cozy feel of this online library that allows me to track the books I’ve read, the ones I want to read and the ones others have recommended for my cyber bookshelf…. Read More ›

Winners Revealed

I really appreciate your support during my Whispering Minds 10 Day YA Giveaway. I’ve contacted the winners by email and will send off prize packages as your mailing info rolls into my inbox. If you didn’t win one of the prize packages, you can still enter to win a copy of Whispering Minds on Goodreads…. Read More ›

Friendly Reminder

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Speechies and Speech Coaches: It would be an honor for you to use my writing in competition. I simply ask that you send me an email so I can cheer you on.

Privacy Policy

As an author who values my family and my privacy, I will never use any of your personal information gathered in any way across any of my social media venues to spam you. Nor will I store any information (names, email address, etc) or sell any to another party for any reason. During giveaways or contests, I will use your provided information strictly to contact you in the event you win.

My goal is to write compelling stories for you to enjoy, not solicit you with promotions you would prefer not to get.

Parting Words

"You don't become great just because you desire it; you become great because you listened and learned and earned it." Susan Sukosky~ aspiring writer who taught me to dig deep, work hard and always strive to reach your potential. After all, even onions bloom!